Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mindful Eating

Here is an exercise in mindful eating I found on NPR. It is a good exercise for you to try and it could help you slow down your eating which will translate to satisfaction sooner which means less calories consumed!

If you're curious to know what mindful eating looks like in practice, here's one exercise, excerpted from a review written by Stephanie Vangsness of Brigham and Women's Hospital. She writes:

"Do this exercise with a friend. You will need one small slice of an apple for each person. One person reads the instructions listed below while the other person completes the exercise.

1.Take one bite of an apple slice and then close your eyes. Do not begin chewing yet.
2.Try not to pay attention to the ideas running through your mind, just focus on the apple.
Notice anything that comes to mind about taste, texture, temperature and sensation
going on in your mouth.
3.Begin chewing now. Chew slowly, just noticing what it feels like. It's normal that your
mind will want to wander off. If you notice you're paying more attention to your thinking
than to the chewing, just let go of the thought for the moment and come back to the
chewing. Notice each tiny movement of your jaw.
4.In these moments you may find yourself wanting to swallow the apple. See if you can
stay present and notice the subtle transition from chewing to swallowing.
5.As you prepare to swallow the apple, try to follow it moving toward the back of your
tongue and into your throat. Swallow the apple, following it until you can no longer feel
any sensation of the food remaining.
6.Take a deep breath and exhale."